Principal’s Welcome


Welcome to the Wuxi EtonHouse International School (WEHIS) Website. For whatever reason you have come to our website, we hope you find the information here both informative and useful.

We are a small international school in our 10th year of catering to the needs of the expatriate community in Wuxi. We have a rich and diverse community of learners with 14 nationalities represented in the student body and 11 nationalities in our teaching staff of 18 teachers. We strive to be the best learning environment for international education in Wuxi. Our focus is not just on academics, but also on developing our students to become better global citizens.

The school prides itself on a close relationship with the community. Anyone that spends just a little bit of time getting to know us remarks upon the family feel that exists in our school. To cater for the diversity in our community, we offer classes in the second languages of Mandarin, Korean and Japanese within the curriculum and French and German as Co-Curricula Activities in addition to the language of instruction, English.

As of April 2018, WEHIS and Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway (OCAC) agreed to cooperate to bring high-quality IB education to Wuxi. The two schools will work together to enhance a curriculum that focuses on student-led, inquiry-based instruction. We believe that students are better able to engage in the learning process when they understand the context. An IB education instils in students the need to take control of their own learning and to demonstrate their conceptual understanding. In an age where knowledge is said to double every 72 hours, it is essential that for schools to remain relevant they must focus on the development of skills necessary to critical analyse information. The comprehensive development of these skills enable students to make informed decisions to make the world a better place.

We are excited by the prospects for the future and we hope you can join us on this journey.

This page was last edited on June 6, 2018