Academic Team

Robin Hunt

Robin Hunt-Nursery 2A  Teacher

Robin Hunt completed her Bachelor of Education in Canada majoring in elementary education (K-8), viagra sale however, erectile her focus was in the primary years and her minor was in French as a second language. In 2002 she began her career teaching primary students in Toronto, viagra dosage Canada for six years. She then moved to International teaching in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Indonesia before arriving in China to take up a position at EtonHouse International School, Wuxi. Robin also has experienced working with Early Years students. Robin is a life long learner with every experience giving her new perspectives, new strategies and added resources. Robin is thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of the teaching team at EtonHouse International School Wuxi.


SooHui CHYE -Nursery 2B Teacher

SooHui Chye comes from Singapore.  She has a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Singapore and a Master of Education from Australia.  English is her first language and Chinese/Mandarin is her heritage language.  SooHui has been teaching young children for about 10 years at international schools and childcare centres in Singapore, dosage Shanghai and Perth.  She enjoys working with young children as it gives her tremendous satisfaction seeing them explore, grow and learn.  For leisure, SooHui walks, swims, cooks and reads.  She likes travelling and enjoys studying, living and working overseas for the last 12 years.




Lynndene Masimla

Year level: Reception Teacher

Miss Lynndene Masmila comes from South Africa. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, cialis majoring in Education and English. She also has has a TESOL Diploma.

Lynndene began her career in education in South Korea where she taught for six years.  She then moved to China in 2013 teaching in Shanghai before joining the EtonHouse International School Wuxi. team in 2014 where she is enjoying her new role Lynndene’s philosophy of teaching is that learners should be active participants in their own learning through discussions, nurse brainstorming, participating in group activities, doing pair work, experimenting with hands-on activities and asking questions to achieve success.

Lynndene feels the learner profile attribute that best describes her is “open-minded”, as it reflects her passion for travel, adventure and absorbing the cultures of others.

Sarah Bright

Sarah Bright-Year 1 Teacher/ EY Coordinator

Ms. Sarah Bright is from the East of England and has been teaching in English schools since 2012. She has an Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy and Literature and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education, prescription specialising in the Primary years, ask both from the University of Warwick. Sarah loves working in lower primary, prescription especially P1 and P2 and came to China excited to experience a new opportunity to teach the IB curriculum. She has a passion for teaching English and a love for reading and playing with words which she hopes she can share with her students. Sarah’s goal is to guide her students into becoming lifelong learners who have a genuine love for learning and feel excited to inquire and make new discoveries. Sarah strives to encourage her students to become risk-takers and responsible members of our school community and society.



Filip Vanjaka

Filip Vanjaka Year 2  Teacher

Filip Vanjaka known as Mr V is from Montreal Canada. He has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Human Relations, a B.Ed in Primary/Junior education and extra qualifications in teaching French as a Second Language and P.E. Before becoming to EtonHouse International School Wuxi he taught at Wuxi International School, two government schools in Thailand and taught as an occasional teacher in Toronto, Canada. Mr Vnjaka has many hobbies. He loves cinema, reading, sports and the outdoors. Before becoming a classroom teacher he taught Tennis, Soccer (Football) and Snowboarding. Now he spends most of his free time, cycling, playing sports, watching films, traveling or reading. Mr. Vanjaka speaks four languages, English, French, Croatian and Spanish and can get by ok in Thai. He regretfully has been sluggish with learning Mandarin, but love experiencing new foods and cultures and hope to find time to start learning the language.


Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke-Year 3 Teacher

Jeff graduated from Michigan State University, ambulance USA, try with a Bachelors Degree in Education. He has been teaching at the primary level for the past ten years in the United States, Marshall Islands, Thailand, and China. He believes that the learner profile encourages all students to be lifelong learners, dynamic world citizens and responsible caretakers of the environment.






Christine Hechanova

Christine Hechanova - Year 4 Teacher/Primary Coordinator

Christine Hechanova is from the Philippines and has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Education.  Christine has been teaching for more than 20 years. She has been with EtonHouse for 7 years and has been a part of our schools growth, development, accreditation and authorisation. The learner profile that best describes Christine is ‘Open Minded’. Christine is an active listener who appreciates individual personalities, beliefs and opinions and easily adapts to her new environment. These qualities are recognised in the students she works with.




Bradley Gould

Bradley Gould-Year 5/6 Teacher

Bradley Gould is an experienced and dedicated Australian teacher. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Education, with a major in literature, from Deakin University, Australia. He has been teaching for the past seven years in primary schools. This is his fourth year teaching the IB curriculum. Bradley currently teaches the Year 6 students and will lead them in doing their ‘Exhibition’ this year. Bradley joined EtonHouse International School Wuxi in August of 2015 and has truly enjoyed every single day at the school.





Stuart Main

Stuart Main-PE Teacher

Stuart comes from sunny South Africa. He has been living in China for 4 years. For two and half years he has been teaching at EtonHouse International School Wuxi. Stuart has occupied a number of teaching roles, Primary EAL teacher, Middle Years Programme Language Acquisition teacher and currently he is the Year 5 classroom teacher.  Stuart completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham. In addition to this, he has completed his TEFL certification. Stuart’s teaching philosophy is that he enjoys learning, he considers himself a lifelong learner and hopes to instil this philosophy in his students.

In his leisure time, Stuart enjoys playing cricket, tennis and football and experiencing the world around him both near and far.



Sisi Shen

Sisi Shen - Music Teacher

Sisi Shen comes from Beijing and has a Master degree in Media & Communication.She began studying piano at the age of 4 at Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing.In 2001, she went to Germany for further study at the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart majoring Music Editing und Sound Design.

Sisi has been teaching piano and music more than 15 years. Some of the students have been admitted to the Music Faculties of People’s University of China, Communication University of China and University of Liverpool in England.She started teaching at EtonHouse International School Wuxi since October 2016

Sisi is a cheerful teacher who is full of vigor and vitality.The students that she works with enjoy music and feel more confident and accomplished.


Christina Stewart

Christina Stewart - Visual Arts

Christina Stewart teaches Visual Arts at EtonHouse International School Wuxi. Christina comes from Colorado in the USA and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in elementary education. This is Christina's fourth year in the classroom and her first year at EHIS Wuxi. She is happy to have this unique opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of students and teachers from all around the world. Christina wants to encourage the students to develop their natural creativity and to solve problems in inventive ways. Christina says that the learner profile that best describes her is ‘Communicators’. She loves learning about others through conversation and creating artwork together.





Soon Yong Um


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Mrs. Soon Yong Um is in charge of Korean language teaching. Mrs. Um majored in Korean Language and Literature in South Korea. She graduated from college 1987. After that she undertook jobs at editing publisher and magazine company. Mrs. Um had run a private academy in South Korea and she has nearly 20 years experience of teaching Korean. Mrs. Um is reflective, she has the ability of applying her teaching methods to different education.


Yukie Toki

Toki Yukie - Japanese Teacher

Our Japanese teacher is Ms Toki Yukie. She has taught at EtonHouse for two years. She gained her Bachelor of Education in Japan and finished her internship program in U.K. She has seven years experience as an International teacher. The learner profile attribute that best describes Yuki is an ‘Inquirer’ as she likes to try new things and very much enjoys living in China.





Jackie Li

Mandarin Language Coordinator

Jackie Li is EHIS Wuxi’s Mandarin Coordinator and as such she coordinates the Mandarin Program. She leads the Mandarin team providing guidance and support to teachers in their planning, ask teaching and learning and assessment practices. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Education in English. Her bilingual approach to teaching and learning and her knowledge of both the Chinese curriculum and IBO PYP & MYP curriculum framework makes her a very valuable asset to all our EHIS China schools. Jackie is organised and celebrates student achievements in the wider community. The Learner Profile attribute that best describes Jackie is ‘Caring’ as supporting, challenging and nurturing students’ through their learning journey is a priority for her.




Karen Fan

Mandarin Teacher

Karen Fan is a very experienced and knowledgeable member of EHIS Wuxi Mandarin team. Karen holds a Bachelor of Education in English. She has been working at EHIS Wuxi for nearly 8 years.  She has 3 years experience working in the Early Years Program and 5 years in Primary Years Program. The learner profile attribute that best describes Karen is ‘Reflective’ as she always evaluates and reflects on her teaching styles in order to improve student understanding.







Hazel Qian

EAL Teacher

advice sans-serif;" lang="EN-GB">Hazel Qian is a member of the English as Additional Language team at EtonHouse International School Wuxi. Hazel is an experienced and knowledgeable EAL teacher and has worked at this school for the past 6 years. Hazel shows commitment to being a life-long learner. She shows empathy for students for whom English is a second language. She strives to plan teaching and learning engagements that provide her students with the knowledge, skills and understandings they need to make meaningful connections in their learning. Hazel demonstrates that she is a ‘Risk Taker’ as she shares her learning experiences with her students.



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